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BodyGarbage is the brainchild of New Jersey native Deborah. Suffering from PTSD and having severely sensitive skin, Deborah was looking for alternative methods to cope with her condition and better skincare. She decided to learn the art of soap making to not only have customized products that she could use that would not irritate her skin, but to be able to control the ingredients that went into her products and to be able to spread the knowledge of the benefits of using natural products. Starting with bar soap she has formulated several recipes to not only cleanse and hydrate but to protect the skin from the adverse affects of unpronounceable and potentially harmful ingredients. After careful review and with the feedback of family and friends, in October 2013; Deborah started making items for sale through various markets online and several vendor events. Ultimately her goal is to be stocked in several storefronts across her home state of New Jersey and eventually throughout the U.S.