About Us

Hi Bugs,

I am Deborah, your enthusiastic resident soaper and creator/owner of BodyGarbage Handmade ( Soaps ) Suds. I started BodyGarbage in 2013, I wanted to know everything there was about soap, it's components and ingredients and what those different ingredients and components could do for your overall health and well being but to put my own fun twist to it.

As someone with ultra sensitive skin and many allergies I wanted better products with better ingredients that would benefit the skin, mind and body. Because let's be honest, when you look good you feel good and there's no better or more refreshing feeling than a shower or a bath and add skin conditioning bath and body products to that...it transports you into a blissful relaxation. And that's what BodyGarbage is...taking good products to wash away all the junk of the day!

Please know that making soap is a passion for me, I source raw ingredients that are both natural and organic and synthetic from the best sources, that pack the most benefits while in use and that work well in combination. It's a sobering and very humbling that because of people like you I am able to do something I love and am so passionate about on a daily basis; not as amazing as being able to provide such awesome products as well as education for those of you like me, that know handmade is better!

I thank you for coming to my shop to see and purchase what I have to offer while supporting my dream.

As always, be well and stay blessed!!!

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