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Image of Pine Tar Artisan Soap

Pine Tar Artisan Soap

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Pine Tar is said to help those with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis by easing the symptoms of each ailment; including reducing itching, swelling and redness. If you deal with any of these skin conditions try our pine tar artisan soap.
Pine Tar Artisan Soap does have an acquired smell that is quite pungent but it does not linger on the skin so you’ll come away clean, smooth and free of fragrance.

Saponified oils of extra virgin olive, palm, coconut, castor and safflower, water, pine tar, vitamin e.

Wet soap, bring to a lather and enjoy!

Pine Tar Artisan Soap is approximately 4 oz.

Due to the handmade nature sizes and weight may vary.

I am not a licensed practicing medical professional and in no way am I making any medical claims. Using Pine Tar Artisan Soap is of your own volition and in no way does it cure eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. BodyGarbage is NOT responsible for any adverse effects from the use of this or any of our products. Should an allergic reaction occur, discontinue use immediately and seek care from a medical professional.

Image of Pine Tar Artisan Soap Image of Pine Tar Artisan Soap
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